Friday, January 9, 2009


We are currently counting the days until we leave shore and head to Hasseludden and 24 hour businesscamp. If you want time to move faster, check the channel on jaiku or the backchannel on onelinr. We will soon publish more on what actually is and what we want to create with the service. For now, read this excerpt from my private blog:
"We will try to build a service that currently goes under the name Listen To Blogs. Listen To Blogs is a place where text gets “talked” into podcasts. It will basically work as place where you can create podcast versions of your favorite blogs and magazines as well as subscribe to other “talkers” and their favorites. The service is very dependent on users and their collective or collaborative effort in translating the actual texts but after looking at sites like I think it might work even though the threshold is a bit high."
Looking forward to two days of code and fun!

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